Russ Olsen talks about optimiziation

Russ Olsen talks about optimization in his newest weblog entry.

In my professional life, I'm only afraid of a few things. John's keyboard, which is coated with that fine patina of brown gunk. A call in the middle of the night saying the app server won't start. And the dreaded request: "Russ, see if you can speed this code up." It's usually code I've never seen. It's probably important, otherwise they wouldn't be worried about how it is performing. And speed it up to what? Still, there are some basics you can fall back on when someone asks you to optimize some code. Here goes…

Russ – we've all been there. The dreaded "can you take a look at this". Thanks for the valid points in your blog posting – what you're talking about is something every developer should keep in mind.


One Response to Russ Olsen talks about optimiziation

  1. Russ Olsen says:


    And thank you! If you have been blogging for long (about 5 minutes) you know there are people out there who say the most unkind things about what you write. It is nice to see someone take the time to say something positive.


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