New Vista CTP build incoming

April 21, 2006

If you can find it among all the ads, Bink has some apparently unverified news about Windows Vista CTP Build 5365 being released on friday to invites testers only (does not include MSDN subscribers, apparently).


Paul Thurrot shakes things up a bit

April 21, 2006

Paul Thurrot, author of WinSupersite, the legendary Windows-centric opinion/news site, has some news for Microsoft. To put it mildly, he isn't exactly happy with how things have been going over the past couple of years:

Shame on you, Microsoft. Shame on you, but not just for not doing better. We expect you to copy Apple, just as Apple (and Linux) in its turn copies you. But we do not and should not expect to be promised the world, only to be given a warmed over copy of Mac OS X Tiger in return. Windows Vista is a disappointment. There is no way to sugarcoat that very real truth.